WHAT IS IT? The first new rim to be released since DID debuted their shoulderless rim on the KX125 at the dawn of the new millennium.
WHAT'S IT COST? $199.68 (front rim), $229.14 (rear rim)”            (760) 732-3161      .www.rk-excel.co.jp/english/englishtop.htm
WHAT'S IT DO? You probably don't think much about your rims. Why would you? Every bike comes with a pair, and there's not really a lot of performance to be gained in changing them. If this is the way you think, you're obviously new to the motocross game. From steel rims to Akronts to Borranis to DIDs, rims have played a major role in the evolution of motocross bikes. A decade ago, the Takasago Excel rim took over as the rim of choice'and while there are different grades of Excels, most buyers can't tell the difference between a good rim and bad rim. There is a difference, but you don't know it until the flat spots start appearing.
The Excel A60 is the latest rim to hit the market. With a unique semi-shoulderless design, the A60 rim doesn't look like anything else out there. Now the real question is, is it strong enough to hold up? The answer? Yes.
WHAT STANDS OUT? Here's a list of things that stand out with Excel's A60 rims.
(1) Look. We refer to the A60 as a semi-shoulderless rim. It's a cross between DID's shoulderless rim and a standard Excel rim. We like the look. It's completely different from everything else out there. Excel rims come in a variety of colors, but the A60 is only available in black (with a silver pin stripe).
(2) Performance. The A60 is made out of Series 7000 aluminum (just like the rest of Excel's aftermarket rims), but thanks to its unique design, it's 15 percent stronger than a standard rim. The semi-shoulderless shape is also better at shedding mud and dirt.
(3) Spokes. You could reuse your stock spokes, but the MXA wrecking crew preferred to lace our A60s with Excel's Pro Series Spokes (with Spline-Drive nipples). They work flawlessly, but you need a Spline-Drive wrench to tighten them.
(4) Place of Manufacture. The Excel A60 rim is made in Japan.
WHAT'S THE SQUAWK? We don't like black rims,you may.  If so, the A60 is perfect for you. But, we don't like the heavy look and the visible gouge marks that tire tools make in black anodized rims.