WHAT IS IT? An underprotector that offers more protection than any other under garb.

WHAT'S IT COST? $65.00 –             (888) 873-8423       or www.evs-sports.com 

WHAT'S IT DO? It's no secret that motocross is a fashion-conscious sport. Racers spend hundreds of dollars on gear just to look good. Protection often plays second fiddle to fashion sense. As scary as that may sound, nowhere is this more evident than in the Pro ranks. AMA Pros can least afford to get hurt, but as a rule they wear the least protective equipment. Rather than cover up their fancy jerseys with a plastic chest protector, they play Russian roulette with roost.

As a company built almost solely around protective gear, EVS hates to see racers take the unprotected route. They understand that everyone doesn't want to don a full chestprotector, and they also realize that not everyone is satisfied with the protection that comes from an underprotector. EVS's solution? The REVO 4. It is an underprotector with just enough Lexan to bridge the gap between machismo and a suit of armor.

WHAT STANDS OUT?  Here's a list of things that stand out with EVS's REVO 4 underprotector. 

(1) Protection. Is the REVO 4 really a chest protector? Absolutely not. True-to-life chest protectors, like the EVS Flux, are made of plastic and try to cover all the bases. Not so with the REVO 4. It is a standard underprotector with a layer of clear Lexan on the front and back.

(2) Fit. When an underprotector fits properly, you don't even realize you're wearing one. The REVO 4 is invisible, thanks to adjustable shoulder and waist straps.

(3) Comfort. Many underprotectors feel like you are wearing a cheese grater, and MXA test riders have been forced to wear T-shirts under the underprotector to protect their delicate skin. Not so with the REVO 4 – its soft felt material is nipple-safe.

(4) Place of Manufacture. The EVS REVO 4 underprotector is made in the United States of America.

The REVO 4 gave some test riders a false sense of security. It isn't as protective as an all-plastic chest protector – just more protective than an all-material underprotector.