WHAT IS IT? A bike stand that doubles as a small air tank to make filling tires and transportation to the track easier.
WHAT’S IT COST? $139.95--(704) 376-1320 or
WHAT’S IT DO? Believe it or not, your bike’s performance relies heavily on the amount of air that you put in your tires. That’s why it’s important to check your tire pressure. The average Joe fills his tires with a bicycle tire pump or one of those cigarette lighter socket compressors. The fancy guys carry an air tank. The plus of an air tank is that you don’t wear yourself out pumping away or run your battery down trying to get your tire pressure to 40 pounds to pop the bead. The downside of an air tank is that it takes up space in the vehicle and the regulator is prone to damage should the tank break loose in the bed of your truck.

   Enter the Trick Tank Air Stand. It kills two birds with one stone. Not only is it a bike stand, but it also has an attached air tank on the base of the stand. With the Air Stand you no longer have to worry about taking a stand and a tire pump to the track, because it’s an all-inclusive product.  

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Trick Tank Air Stand.

   (1) Stand. The wide Air Stand is made out of aluminum. The stand is not remarkable in design and shares virtually all its dimensions with similar aluminum stands. It has a wide footprint, which provides a firm base for your motorcycle, and is tall enough to get the wheels off the ground. As for the air tank tucked underneath the deck of the stand, it can be removed with four bolts. Hence, you can use the stand and the air tank separately. With or without the air tank attached to the stand you will not be able to flip the stand over and put your gas can into the underside of the stand during truck transport.

   (2) Air tank. The main attraction to the Air Stand is its air tank, which can hold a maximum of 125 psi of air. A compressor is needed in order to fill the smallish tank, but once full, it can fill upwards of ten tires (to 12 psi). Depending on the psi of the compressor that you use to fill the tank, it can takes several minutes to fill it up (and most likely you will not get it anywhere near 125 psi at the gas station). The three-foot hose works great for filling the tires while the bike is on the Trick Tank stand, but filling a friend’s bike means that he has to move in close and jockey for position. Some MXA testers elected to remove the tank from the stand and use it separately.  

   (3) Options. The Air Stand comes with a choice of six different decals (Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Honda, Yamaha and Team Trick Tank). These decals, which are placed on each side of the stand, do not cost extra. You can also pick between six color rubber stand tops (red, orange, yellow, black, green, and blue).

   (4) Place of manufacture. The Trick Tank Air Stand is made in Charlotte, North Carolina.
WHAT'S THE SQUAWK?  This is a basic idea. Maybe next year there will be a barbecue pit/bike stand.