Mototek Duce Bike Stand

WHAT IS IT? The Moto-Tek Duce stand eliminates the need to lift your bike up after a moto.
WHAT’S IT COST? $109.95--(818) 592-0735 or
WHAT’S IT DO? Moto-Tek doesn’t get half the credit they deserve. There have been bike stands on the market since the late ’60s. They have come in every shape, size and configuration imaginable. From as far back as the Mark Charles Stand, inventors have been trying to come up with new ways for riders to hold their bikes up in the pits (or garage). You would think that after 40 years of brainstorming on bike stands, every thing that could have been invented would have been invented.
Imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon Moto-Tek’s totally different take on bike stands. It isn’t just a stand that you put your bike on top of, but you can also roll the front wheel into it and walk away. As an added bonus, you can put it in the front of your truck bed and use it as a wheel chock. The original Moto-Tek stand was called the 3In1-Stand. It was constructed out of powder-coated steel and retailed for $169.95. It worked very well, but was heavy, hard to ship, and not adjustable for the new breed of wide front tires.
Enter the Duce. Made from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum, it can be broken down for shipping (lowering S&H fees) and has adjustment for wider front tires.
WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Moto-Tek’s Duce stand.

   (1) Center stand. When flipped up on its sturdy tripod legs the Moto-Tek Duce stand can be used as a traditional bike stand. It is the exact same height as the most popular bike stands and comes with a pressure-bonded rubber top deck (which paradoxically is sometimes not on the top).
   (2) Front wheel stand. The MXA wrecking crew is lazy. When we come in from a tough moto we don’t always have the strength to lift our trusty but rusty 230-pound scoot up on the stand. That’s where the Duce’s greatest charm comes into play. Unlike any other motocross stand (save for the 3IN1-Stand), you can use the Duce stand without picking your bike up. No lifting. No grunting. And no standing there for ten minutes waiting for the strength to return to your arms. You just drive your front wheel into the front loop of the Duce stand and then walk away. It is almost idiot-proof. 
   (3) Hauling. The Duce is narrower than a conventional bike stand, but it has a wider stance, which means that takes up more room in your truck bed. The trick to hauling the Duce stand is to flip it against the front of your truck bed and roll the front wheel in before hooking up the tie-downs. It doubles as a wheel chock and a bed strengthener.
   (4) Price. Thanks to its modular construction and simpler design, the Duce stand is $50 cheaper than the 3In1-Stand.
WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two quibbles: (1) When being used as a front wheel stand it is best to place it on level ground. (2) When using it as a conventional stand be sure to put the loop end away from the side you lift your bike from (typically the left side). The loop end sticks out farther than on a regular bike stand.